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silent with a touch of sweetness
    feather-light/jasmine/just a dusting
         figures flit between the sunbeams
              weaving, dancing, laughing, kissing

a sparkle of salt across his brown
broad shoulders of Atlas, bearing the world,
    if I could come to him
         [in a dream; trace your freckles]
         and lift his burdens from him now
              enfold him in my warmth, my light,
              and shield him from the cold of night
         but this love, I won't allow.

         I wish I could be there again
    feather-light, and full of hope/trust/gentle love
but the rain is cold, reverie gone in a shiver

    a droplet falls, and it touches my forehead
         [a little shock of cool and slick]
    a memory
         from a love long lost
Love Long Lost
Just a little thing, flexing my mind for a bit.


submerged, unfurled, and soaking
I have a new project in mind that I hope to show, bit by bit, as well as the ever-evolving tarot deck that will take ten years to complete, no doubt. Though, I'm in no hurry, why should I be? I'm beginning to understand this; hurry, worry, and panic. Time must be a more trivial thing in a place where reincarnation is just a fact of life. Here where I am, those of us who believe in such things are not the majority. There are more of us than we think there are, we spend so much time in fear and isolation, afraid to be hunted like witches, I suppose. But still, we are not that many. I digress. We're afraid of time because we're told that life is finite, and that we're always dying. However, this is just another miracle, really. I believe in rebirth because I believe in second chances.

But yes, this new project thing. I'm planning on making an art set inspired by all of the things that have been influencing my philosophy and spirituality. At first I envisioned a collage, then a large poster, then a framed work, and now potentially a handful of themed framed works. At any rate, there are quotes from books and essays that I wish to incorporate, and probably colours and things that I want to add. The Buddhism piece, for example, will have lots of orange. I see my mistake with my tarot deck, and my musical endeavours. I'm not the same person I was when I wrote most of my poems, and that style doesn't fit this version of me any more. I need to rediscover myself, know myself, before I can effectively express it in such a specific way. Work and study won't stop about the things for my operas and whatnot, but I have groundwork to do, which is exciting! I love doing groundwork! Lists! Folders of references! Rough drafts!

So I'll start the ball rolling with Moneesha, a woman in some readings I had to do for class. (Harvey, Andrew, A Journey in Ladakh, London, Johnathan Cape, 1983) She said "I don't deny [Great Experiences] though. It's just that I refuse to give them the importance [my husband] gives to them. [...] Yes, I love [Rinpoche, a venerated teacher]. Most of all because he never goes on about his perceptions, his visions, his experiences. He's beyond all that. He's spent his nine years in solitary meditation - I should think he's fed up with all those mystic things, all the vanishings and Nirvanas and apparitions and whatnot. He's an attentive, simple, tender, funny old man and that is why I love him. He's too busy attending to the world around him to have time to tell everyone about his experiences. And if he had time, he wouldn't want to. You are looking; he has found what he has been looking for." I'm not sure how I'm going to get all that in there, but I'll do it!
  • Listening to: The absentminded whirring of electrical things.
  • Reading: Reaching for the Moon; The Bones of the Master
  • Playing: Legend of Zelda, Wind Waker
  • Drinking: Creemore Breakfast tea, second steeping


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